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If I could sum it up, in the word, it would be the rift. I feel myself, at the crawl of the summit, watching the world roll in front me, waves of hills, until I realize I am running, running to an unknown, hoping to miss the cliff along one of these sides. And there is a string, a just in case, dangling from my back, caught on branches and barks, torn, severed. There is nothing now but the massive uncertainty of possibility and the small smile that kisses my head and promises a light. There is no way it points, the glow simply radiates, but it chases the gloom as I chase Somewhere.
Listening to:
Christofori's Dream by David Lanz
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$20.98 Moab sampler
Includes two sheets of Colorado Fiber Satine 245, Entrada Rag Bright 190, Bright 300, Natural 190, Natural 300, Lasal Photo Matte 235, Gloss 270, Exhibition Luster 300, Moenkopi Unryu 55 and Kozo 110, Somerset Enhanced Velvet 225 and Museum Rag 300, Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260

+ Moab SlickRock

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lingering on the edge of my justifications.

On the crux of: no physical harm was occurring upon a person. The car could be replaced, insured. Police intervention could result in violence. I didn't expect this. "Which is more right."

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Fuckin' ETSY

Double-sided Moab (Roll, bone fold) thru Theresa
Silver metallic poster (non-fold) for Rot series

Things people like to look at:
Faces, Pretty People, Nature.

Things you have:
Creepy things. But cool. But creepy.

Things you need:
Cool things, not so creepy.

Next to draw:
Face. Hands. Teacup (soothe yourself). Mini-mini zine. Mini-mini accordion book.

_Start etsy
_Etsy shop name is 10 characters long befor...
_How to Photo for Dums
_Photoshop into frames?
_Buy a couple frames for photos?
_Offer border or trim
_Rio pricing
_Print browsing on Etsy
_CATEGORIES: prints, books, wares(?)

++ Writing submissions:

Tin House: WILD

We are looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, and Lost & Founds about the Wild--untamed places, people, things, events, happenings, and experiences. Unmediated, unfiltered, from the past, present, or future. Or, conversely, simulated and mediated wildness or wilderness. Surprise us, please. The deadline to submit to this issue is April 15, 2013.
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Distracted, no coughing, no sneezing, just write.

Write about that stuff on the blog, or what's suppose to be on the blog. It's a blog to have fun, right, so where is it, find the fun. Everything is still being planned out, thought up, categorized, analyzed, before its even drawn. What are you looking for, when you go to look at an artist? Is it a unique voice? Yes. Quality illustrations? Yes.

But what else. Content? Single images? What?

Are you going to let you stories drift away? Why are you holding onto them, like they're precious. Cast them out. Let them sink and float and become something rather than an idea in your head. This can't be all that you're thinking of. You're too afraid to write, to think, to do, so its cast off for another day. But it's just a story. Just a drawing, a face. Hold onto them in the moment of creation, then let them go.

Just have fun.

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Sick sick, sick, sick sick sick.


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I can't see what's coming out of me.

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Look what tumblr has done to me.
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